KCF: Helping Businesses Find Skilled Workforce

kcf for businesses

While Kosovo’s economy is driven by micro, small, and medium-sized companies (MSMEs), which provide 99% of employment in the country, enterprises find it difficult to recruit qualified youth. Around 50% of students in upper secondary schools attend one of the 67 public VET schools in Kosovo and face the reality of unemployment due to the lack of adequate skills. The Kosovo Challenge Fund is strategically investing to help businesses bridge this gap and find skilled workforce by raising the overall quality of VET and aligning it with companies’ needs.

Skills That Meet Enterprises’ Demands

The Kosovo Challenge Fund is dedicated to addressing the skills gap and steering businesses in Kosovo toward development, in accordance with the Stabilization and Association Process of the EU.

By funding collaborations between vocational education and training (VET) providers and local companies, the KCF ensures graduates acquire industry-relevant skills. This focus on workforce development in line with enterprises’ needs enhances the sustainable competitiveness of businesses, preparing them to thrive.

Outcomes from the first and second calls,  highlight actual growth and employment trends in the region. KCF directs its investments toward the most promising economic sectors, which also demonstrate the greatest need for a skilled workforce.

KCF has awarded 12 most successful projects, allocating approximately 5 milion Euros for investments in equipment, infrastructure and training at the vocational training institutes implementing cooperative training. A complete list of winners is available HERE.

Experienced Workforce

KCF initiative encourages VET providers to cooperate with local companies in creating curricula and training programmes that will equip young people with the skills and knowledge companies need.

Trainees integrate into partnering companies early on, gaining hands-on experience with real working environments and equipment.

Increased Productivity and Creativity

KCF-backed cooperative training programs ensure graduates come equipped with practical knowledge and industry-specific expertise, making them immediately productive.

Having already learned the ropes, it leaves more space for the development of creativity or a problem-solving mindset which in time leads to an independent and reliable workforce.

Decreased Costs of Training and Recruitment

By co-developing training programs with VET providers, businesses can tap into a pool of graduates trained with the specific skills they need. This significantly reduces the time and resources traditionally spent on recruitment and in-house training.

Offering internships and subsequent employment fosters greater employee loyalty, reducing turnover rates and associated costs in recruitment, onboarding, and productivity losses.

Workforce Availability = Growth Strategy

KCF open calls gathered businesses to unite with VET providers, bridge the gap between skills supply and demand, and allow companies to plan growth strategies based on realistic predictions of workforce availability.

By knowing what is in it for them, and what pool of graduates companies can count on, they can continue building sustainable growth plans and work on their competitiveness.

Business Prospects for Kosovo Companies

KCF is seeking various procurements in areas vital for Kosovo’s progress. These include sectors such as construction, machinery, equipment, and vocational training.

We invite companies interested in contributing to the development of Kosovo to visit our Procurement page.